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Magnetism. This magnetism makes Scorpio an
excellent natural healer and is often successful.
Having intense likes and dislikes, whatever Scorpios
find to do they do with all manner could be easily

Scorpio takes an active interest in people as
individuals, studying their actions to learn  what  
makes  one  person  different from another. Interest in
others may stem from the fact that Scorpio has a
complex personality and varied talents.
All of Scorpio's emotions are deep and strong, boiling
the moment an avenue of escape is found.  

Regardless of how Scorpios express their tremendous
force, they exert great pressure upon their
environment. And as people form a part of Scorpio's
realistic atmosphere, they could easily become
targets when Scorpio's crossed. Then Scorpio
becomes shrewd, suspicious, and jealous and is out
to get even.  

Scorpios never phased out by difficult problems,  
Scorpio can be trusted to grapple with It comes
natural for Scorpio to assumed positions of trust and
responsibility.  Because the most complicated and
disagreeable task. Scorpio's probing mind enables
works out possibilities for more efficiency.  

On Their worst side, Scorpio becomes troublesome by
insisting that others conduct themselves in what
Scorpio considers the proper manner.

Scorpio should learn that sometimes his success
depends upon his willingness to take second place,
and that asking questions is not an indication of
inferiority. Scorpio should move with the world and
mental current rather than oppose it.

Best quality: Resourcefulness
Worst quality:  Judging others

Significant Associations:
Planet Pluto & Mars
Number 4
Letter D
Color Dark Red
Tone Low C
Talismanic Gem Topaz
Herbs heather/blackthorn
Most compatible signs:
Virgo, Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn

This is an explanation of only your sun sign - there
may be variations of character, temperament and
compatibility depending upon your time and place of
birth. For the most accurate analysis of personality
and compatibility a natal chart is recommended.
Charts can be done individual or as a couple

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