Soul Mate Reading

The Soul Mate Reading is for those who are prepared for the Truth. It will tell
you about your life – past, present and future, but it’s especially focused on your love-
life so it will uncover the delicate details of your relationship. A soul mate reading can
show you how to fix your relationship, or how to let go and heal.

No sugar coating, just the Truth. Because the emphasis of this reading is on your
love life, you will discover whether your special "Someone" is truly your soul mate or
not, and learn what your loved one is Planning, Doing, Thinking, and Feeling.
Moreover, the soul mate reading will reveal the hidden obstacles that are harming
your relationship and will tell you how to draw your loved-one closer.

If there is a blockage between you and your loved one Mrs. Lynn will find it, reveal
to you what it is, and advise how to clear it away.
The Soul mate reading is the first step to repairing your relationship. Through this
reading Mrs. Lynn will see the details of your life and discover what's the real cause of
the problems in your love - life and how best to fix it.

If you are not in a relationship and want to know, where your soul mate is and
when you will find him/her; the soul mate reading can give you the direction you need
to bring true love into your life. The soul mate reading will reveal what is stopping your
soul mate from coming into your life. Whether it’s a mindset, emotional or spiritual
interference, this reading will uncover the true nature of the problem so your life can
move forward with the love you were meant to have.

The Soul-Mate Reading is also a powerful tool for “Research” when
preparing for
“Soul-Mate Uniting".

"Soul-Mate Reading” can be done in-person, or by Phone. It includes the Psychic
, Astrology, and the Tarot Cards. The soul mate reading can take up to an
hour, depending on the complexity of your relationship. The fee is $160. It is useful to
have the birth dates of anyone in question, but the reading can also be done with just

Whether you want to get an ex back, save a current relationship or you just want to  
know if you’ve met your soul mate already, contact Mrs. Lynn today

To make an appointment for your soul mate reading you can write or call at 312-787-
2261 and let her know whether you’d like your reading in person or by phone and
what's the best days and times for you

Readings in Person or by Phone.
Mrs. Lynn is waiting to hear from you. Call or Write Now!
Get ex back with soulmate uniting. More than a Love Spell.
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Hours are:
Readings in Person, Monday-Saturday 12PM to 7PM
Readings by Phone, Monday-Saturday 9AM to 10PM
Sundays and Extended Hours are Available upon Request.

Psychic Soul Mate Reading in Person or Over the Phone.

As an energy worker, Mrs. Lynn gets to the cause of the trouble in the relationship, and heals it from the root so that you don't have the problem again. However, before you invest time and resources in “soul mate uniting" first get a soul mate reading to learn about the behind- the- scenes obstacles that are interfering with your relationship/love life. Through the soul mate reading Mrs. Lynn will reveal the most effective way to bring you and your soul mate together and keep you together