How to Find Your SoulMate


Find your Soulmate or Understand a Current Relationship

Soulmate Readings are available in Person or by Phone

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Uncomplicate your love life.


Love is wonderful – but not always easy.

Knowing if you’ve found “The One” is tough. Wondering if you should hang in there, or just let go can be exhausting.


The answers are waiting. The soulmate reading by Mrs. Lynn can calm the confusion, as you gain deep insight about yourself and your relationship.


Overcome the obstacles. With her natural born intuitive ability and practical counsel, Mrs. Lynn empowers you to overcome the obstacles and personal patterns that undermine your love life and relationships.

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To make an Appointment

Call  312-787-2261 or Email


You’ll discover:

  • What’s blocking your love life
  • How to avoid relationship disasters
  • When you’ll find your soulmate
  • How to repair a relationship
  • If your lover is faithful
  • And Much More
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Trusted Adviser for more than 30 Years
See what people are saying about Mrs. Lynn


People from around the world seek her advice and relationship work. As a 3rd generation natural intuitive and energy healer, she has helped people even where other spiritualist have failed.


She’s been a guest on “Good Morning America” and the “Today Show” and has written for numerous publications. TV and the Press recognize her as an expert in her field. Learn more about Mrs. Lynn


She offers psychic readings by phone or in person at her office located at 200 W. Ohio St. in Chicago, Illinois, where she’s been since 1994. She is also available at her meditation center in Elmhurst, IL.


Whether you want to find your soulmate, repair a relationship, or heal and “Move on,” Mrs. Lynn looks forward to guiding you to a better tomorrow. Contact her today to schedule your reading. She’s waiting to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What does this reading consist of?

A. Mrs. Lynn combines Psychic Energy, Tarot Cards, Numerology, and Astrology to garner the most comprehensive information possible about your relationship.


Q. Do I need a Picture or article of the other person?

A. It’s not necessary. Although a Picture or Date of Birth is always useful, it is not critical.


Q. What does it Cost?

A. See all Fees and Services at Rates


Q. Is my reading confidential?

A. Your information is well guarded, strictly private, and always confidential.


Q. How long does a soul mate session last?

A. Time varies according to person. The Average is 45 minutes up to 1hour but even if it should exceed an hour – there is no additional fee.

To Make an Appointment

Call (312-787-2261) or Email


Tell her what day and time is best for you,

and if you want your reading over phone; or in person.


200 W. Ohio St. in Downtown Chicago

Articles of Interest

At “Finding and Keeping, the Love of Your Lifea formula for love based on the right brain chemistry.

“You already know your soulmate” Defined as the union of our lost self and found spirit.


Woman’s Day Magazine Article “Soul Mates: Closer than you think” Maybe your looking in the wrong place

This reading is also a powerful tool for “Research” when preparing to repair a relationship with “Soul-Mate Uniting,”

Mrs. Lynn is located at 200 W. Ohio St. Chicago, Illinois. 60654  312-787-2261
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