Cancer the Crab


June 21 – July 22

Cancer compatibility

Can you get pass that crabby shell?

Cancer’s Spiritual connection and environment are most important to their wellbeing. Though they may seem timid and introverted, they have a strong need and drive to carry out their own agendas, in their own way. Their lack in forcefulness is compensated with persistence. Having contemplative powers, which often tend toward fantasies and daydreaming, their moods, and desires are communicated unmistakably.

The best way to influence them is with consideration, empathy, and approval. Because they tend to absorb all that is in their environment, they should pick their companions thoughtfully. Loud, overexcited, and the rough-and-ready will only cause Cancer to shut down and pull back into the crab’s shell.


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Whether woman or man, they are extremely domestic. Just the thought of ridicule is torment and inhibits them from being assertive. However, when they have a plan or purpose to cling to they hang on with utmost perseverance.

They find unpleasant news disturbing. Cancer needs to absorb the concept that most people are generally sympathetic and gracious, and learn how to function with those who do not possess these characteristics. Then, Cancer won’t repel the opportunities they most desire. They are most compatible with Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, and Virgo.

  • Worst trait = Becomes touchy.
  • Best trait = Persistence
  • Number = 18
  • Color = Light green
  • Letter = Sh, Ts, Tz.
  • Tone of Sound = high F
  • Herbs = Water lilies, rushes, cucumbers, squashes, melons, and water plants generally
  • Planet = The Moon
  • Mystic Gemstone = Soft and white including selenite and chalk



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