Capricorn the Goat


Is Capricorn Compatible with You?



December 22 – January 21


Capricorn is persevering, persistent and determined. The sure-footed goat uses focused effort and clever maneuvering to climb everything but the insurmountable. Though unassumingly compliant with those more powerful, Capricorn tirelessly strives to gain power over others.




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They are always ready to take advantage of the limitations of others; using them either to their own benefit or for what they decide is best for society. Being exceedingly sensible and economically prudent, they dislike wastefulness of any sort, whether mental or material.

To capture Capricorn’s interest, you will need to plan your approach. Yes, they are good intellectually but they absorb ideas slowly. So offer your facts gradually in a detailed manner. Don’t expect to see immediate enthusiasm, for they are calculated and cautious and will need time to consider the facts.

They know where to get the best of almost anything. They can direct you to the best restaurants, the latest fashion, etc. Are you looking to upgrade your car? Chances are your Capricorn has the Ferrari dealer on speed dial. They are connoisseurs of all things excellent, but they are conservative by nature, strongly conditioned by tradition.

They know what to say and how to say it when Capricorn wants to make the right impression. They should realize that the greatest advantage anyone can have is integrity and devotion to the good of others. They are realistic and though it can be tough to find their romantic side, it does exist.

Capricorn Compatibility

They can feel like they carry weight of the world. They’re often conscientious and fixed in love. To them everything is serious, and they need to know you are just as serious as they are. They’re also in need of a lover who lighten up their world – make them smile and laugh, make them explore the world outside, help make life a little more fun a little more enjoyable.

For this sign, love is demonstrated their by their deeds and dedication. It is rare for a Capricorn to be able express their feelings with words. Most just, take care of responsibilities – enough said. Don’t expect poetry and romantic gestures. However, when they love, they will uphold it with devotion and honor.

They are very compatible with astrology signs that appreciate Capricorn’s sense of responsibility but help them remember to play. Cancers, Taurus, Virgo, and Libra will welcome their fidelity. Scorpios share their serious nature. Capricorn can become impatient with the unpredictability of Sagittarius and Gemini that is unfortunate because, these are signs that are the best suited to Capricorns how to have fun. Their most compatible signs are Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, and Scorpio.



  • Worst trait = Deceit
  • Best trait = Diplomacy Element = Earth Number = 8 Color = dark blue
  • Letter = H, Ch
  • Tone of Sound = G
  • Herbs = henbane, black poppy
  • Planet = Saturn Mystic Gemstone = onyx


Do you know; there was a 13th sign named Ophiuchus: November 30—December 17 or that researchers believe that environmental factors definitely had a part in shaping the future personality of the unborn child? The personality – birthdate connection is fascinating.



Is Capricorn compatible with you?
Article Name
Is Capricorn compatible with you?
Learn who capricorn is naturally attracted to and how to catch a capricorn's interest. They are very compatible with astrology signs that appreciate Capricorn’s sense of responsibility but help them remember to play.