Are you compatible with Leo?



 July 23 – August 22

Tame the roaring lion.


Leo is all about courage, physical strength, and their amazing ability to recover physically. They’re straightforward, brave, compassionate, and giving. Because The Lion is royal, dignified, and proud, they are natural rulers.


Aries the Ram | Taurus the Bull |Gemini the Twins | Cancer the Crab | Leo the Lion| Virgo the Virgin | Libra the Scale | Scorpio the Scorpion |Sagittarius the Archer | Capricorn the Goat | Aquarius the Water Bearer | Pisces the Fishes |

They lay great confidence and belief in other people, who usually respond by attempting to meet those expectations. Being kindhearted and sympathetic, they don’t require the impossible of underlings. Whatever their position, they should express their marvelous organizational abilities kindly. This will build a bridge over which the greatest victories and strongest alliances will come.

Leo Compatibility

The symbol for this sign is the Lion— ruled by the Sun. They’re exspected to shine and few can equal their brilliance. With a big heart, they are regally generous. It’s all part of their nature to make grand gestures. When in love, flowers, fine dining, love letters, and special gifts are all just part of their love language. They are usually not afraid to express their emotions. Nevertheless, they will think twice before repeating such fine gestures of love and displays of affection if not appreciated.

Leo is a people person; even more than Libra, they try their best to get along with almost everybody. They enjoy interactions with many different types of people. However, they’re most at ease with other fire and air signs that are open. Virgos or Capricorns are the least compatible with them, because they can be limiting. Pisces’ sensitivity can collapse beneath Leo’s powerful marvelousness. Their most compatible signs are Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries, and Libra.


  • Worst trait = Domineering
  • Best trait = Kindness
  • Element = Fire
  • Number = 19
  • Color = light orange
  • Letter = D
  • Tone of Sound =
  • Herbs = chamomile / St. John’s wart
  • Planet = sun
  • Mystic Gemstone = ruby


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