Are you compatible with Sagittarius?


November 22 – December 21

Learn what makes Sagittarius the Archer  pay attention.


Sagittarius is not a dreamer. However, they do have the innate ability to pull plans and ideas into the physical realm. With gifted insight, they can quickly size up a situation and seize opportunities as soon as they develop.


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Though they excel at both, giving and taking commands, they are born leaders. This ability displays best in a pleasant atmosphere. In thoughts and deeds, they go straight forward, and waste no time getting to a point, the archer aims more for results than approval.

Being forceful and explosive, their blunt, outspoken nature may need some polishing, so they will not inadvertently hurt the feelings of those they care for.

If they are physically drained or nervous, they’re like to make uncalculated decisions and irrational conclusions. Without the healing force nature, they are prone to outbursts of temper and nervous energy. Open-air activity is necessary for their peace of mind.

Since they are philosophical and optimistically inclined in their approach to life, this sign quickly recovers from any moods of dark introspection. Their natural malleability, exuberance, and love of existence gives them the ability to lift themselves above any discouraging thoughts.

Their sincerity and kindness leads them to be considerate to others, and quick to fight for the rights of oppressed. However, when anxiety sets in, natural common sense abandons them and Sagittarius become unreasonable. Then they may seem ludicrous, irrational, or even malicious. Their mischievous nature often draws them to games of chance. Instead, they should find work that is so engaging that it is the game, which offers success as the prize.

Sagittarius Compatibility

Being around Sagittarius can be a delight. The Sag’s disposition loves exploration and needs to feel unrestricted. Sagittarius wants adventure, and the freedom to discover, truth and ideas. Sagittarius needs to share their values and longings with their lover—there must be a greater purpose with you. For Sagittarius, nothing is small or insignificant, and this is true in love as in all their quests.

Sagittarians are rarely too shy to show their feeling. When in love, Sags just come out with it. They appreciate freedom and will allow you your freedom in return – even if you don’t want it. For Sagittarius love is life’s Grand Adventure, but commitment may be another story. Expectations of marriage may not always work out for Sagittarian romance.

Sagittarius is compatible with astrology signs that appreciate the freedom, such as Gemini and Leo. Aquarius and Libra will deliver loads of intellectual stimulation. Another Sagittarian can also enhance their lives. Sag is least compatible the steadfast signs like Scorpio and Taurus, or those needing great security like Virgo and Cancer. They are most compatible with Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius.


  • Worst trait = Mischievous
  • Best trait = Loyalty
  • Element = Fire
  • Number = 7
  • Color = Light purple
  • Letter = Z
  • Tone of Sound = high A
  • Herbs = Herbs – mallow, agrimony
  • Planet = Jupiter
  • Mystic Gemstone = red garnet