October 23 – November 21


Are you compatible with Scorpio?

If you’re going to love a Scorpion, watch out for the stinger. If your heart is set on Scorpio; you’ll need to get all the information you can, to bypass that famous Scorpion mystery. They are the most passionate of all the signs and no sign loves deeper. However, they are the most challenging sign to understand. Here is some information that can help you earn their heart.


Aries the Ram | Taurus the Bull |Gemini the Twins | Cancer the Crab | Leo the Lion| Virgo the Virgin | Libra the Scale | Scorpio the Scorpion |Sagittarius the Archer | Capricorn the Goat | Aquarius the Water Bearer | Pisces the Fishes |

Scorpio is Magnetism.

This magnetism makes them excellent natural healers and they are often successful. Having intense likes and dislikes, whatever they find to do, they do with their all. This manner could be easily misunderstood.

They take an active interest in people as individuals, studying their actions to learn what makes one person different from another. Interest in others may stem from the fact that this sign has a complex personality and varied talents. All of their emotions are deep and strong; boiling over the moment an avenue of escape appears.

Regardless of how they express their tremendous force, they exert great pressure upon their environment. In addition, as people form a part of their realistic atmosphere, they could easily become targets when they’re crossed. Then they become shrewd, suspicious, and jealous and are out to get even.

They are never, phased-out by difficult problems; they can be trusted to grapple with it. It comes natural for them to assumed positions of trust and responsibility. Even in the most complicated and disagreeable task, Scorpio’s probing mind enables him to work out possibilities for more efficiency.

On Their worst side, they become troublesome by insisting that others conduct themselves in what they consider the proper manner. Scorpio should learn that sometimes their success depends upon their willingness to take second place, and that asking questions is not an indication of inferiority. They should move with the world and mental current rather than oppose it.Their best compatibility is with Virgo, Pisces, Cancer, and Capricorn.

  • Worst trait = Judging others
  • Best trait = Resourcefulness
  • Element = Water
  • Number = 4
  • Color = Dark Red
  • Letter = D
  • Tone of Sound = C
  • Herbs = Herbs heather/blackthorn
  • Planet = Pluto & Mars
  • Mystic Gemstone = Topaz


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