Virgo the Virgin


August 23 – September 22

Virgo is often thought of as fussy and critical (and that can be true). However, the way they see it, their perfectionism is to help others. More than any other sign, they need to serve others, and that is their joy. Being hardworking, disciplined, and effective, they’re designed for it.


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The Virgin represents this sign, and Virgos tend embody some of the Virgins qualities, like discretion and sympathy. Above all, they enjoy their down-to-earth nature and rational characteristic. They have the ability to analyze a situation from every angle. Fact-finding is their forte and they take pleasure in paying attention to the most minuscule details. They are a powerful resource at work. You can depend on them to get the job done right the first time.

The Virgo’s mind is always active, a component to their effectiveness in all they do. They are born communicators and use mental alertness to their advantage. All of this all this thinking can lead to skepticism. Fortunately, they can ease their worst imaginings by carefully analyzing a situation. They can study a situation so effectively because they are truly interested in understanding things at a rudimentary level. However, they need to be aware that the Virgin’s perfectionism can interfere with their good thinking.

They are industrious, and exact. Their opinions, emotions, and actions are always conducted by analysis. Because they are rational and worldly, they can easily be objective. They make excellent confidants, but do not imagine they’ll solve your problems immediately. Their cautious, sober, and thoughtful method of problem solving, does take time. However, if given the time to digest all the facts, they will be able to devise helpful guidance.

Virgo Compatibility

The Virgin’s symbol is the Virgin but don’t be deceived —nothing is virginal about them. Under that fussy exterior, exist a caring and thoughtful lover.

Their existence is one of order and routine. When love, they need to know it’ll go somewhere. For them life is not to be lived off the cuff. Impulsive decisions are not their style. Their emotions can destabilize if life gets too unpredictable. If you love a Virgo, you’ll need to give her or him space. Then they can unwind and work toward a loving relationship.

As the sign of discrimination, sometimes it seems that they are perfectionist. It’s not that Virgos expect a perfect life. It’s just that they’re always in pursuit of improvement. they loves to be of help. They will show love by helping you in any way possible. They might not be the most emotionally expressive, but they are one of the most loyal!

They are most compatible with sensitive people. They need people who won’t rock their world. They desire certainty and stability. Libra and Taurus types, ruled by Venus, are enticed to search beneath the surface of their obsessiveness. Cancer and Pisces present the compassion that they need. Fire signs are the least compatible with Virgo. Leo Sagittarius and Aries can become annoyed and impatient with Virgo’s systematic and cautious attitude toward life.

Virgo has the inherit ability of placing things in their proper order dependable, industrious and conscientious, and can be trusted. They are most compatible with Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Taurus




Best quality: Analytical

Worst quality:   Critical

Significant Associations:

Element – Earth

Planet – Mercury

Number – 7

Letter – B

Color dark violet

Tone – low B

Talismanic – Gem jasper

Herbs – woodbine / millet

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