Psychic in Chicago

                                                     will give you the detailed information, and caring
advice that will empower you to change your life and attain your goals
Magazines, Radio and TV seek Mrs. Lynn as an expert in her field. She’s been a
guest on "Good Morning America" and "The Today Show" just to mention a few, and
has written for countless magazines on the subject of psychic ability and supernatural

Her life’s work as a psychic reader was even a subject of a museum exhibit, titled the
“Service Industry in America”, Sponsored by “Chicago Talk Radio”.

Due to her studies of psychic energy and natural ability, she is a sought after speaker on
the topic of psychic energy and its application in the modern world and is a skillful teacher,
donating her time to help young psychics learn how to harness and apply their natural
intuitive gifts.

Though she has enjoyed the success of her public speaking and writings, it’s her
one-on-one engagements with those seeking her psychic advice, that’s remains the
mainstay of her work. She believes that it’s her cosmic responsibility, to stay available to
people who need her.

A session with Mrs. Lynn can reveal valuable information with astonishing accuracy.
Would you like to know what your loved-one is planning, doing and feeling? Do you want
to reunite with an ex or find your soul mate? Is there a situation at work that has you
confused or frustrated?

Imagine how powerful it would be to know what’s going on behind the scenes at work and
in your personal life, to discover people’s motives and hidden agendas – to, finally know
the truth!

Life doesn’t have to “just happen” to you; you can happen to life. You were born
to live a life of peace, joy, prosperity, and love. That is your birthright from God, but will
you claim that birthright and get the guidance you need to live life to its fullest, or will you
settle for the status quo and live your days mourning what might have been? The choice
is yours.

As a God-Gifted, Spiritual Intercessor and (Third Generation) Psychic Reader,
Mrs. Lynn has helped countless others to achieve lives of Success, Love and Happiness.

Even If other psychics have been unable to help you or get to the source of a problem,
she can get your life back on track. If your life seems to be stuck in a loop of hurt and
frustration, and you can’t seem to break out of it. If you’ve searched and prayed for
answers only to be repeatedly disappointed, then you are reading this by divine
appointment. Mrs. Lynn excels where other psychics fail.

Celebrities, High-Powered CEOs and Everyday People, seek her help and advice.
She has helped so many already. Contact her today, and give yourself a chance to
discover what a wonderful difference a psychic reading by Mrs. Lynn can make - In Your

To make an appointment for your psychic reading you can write or call at 312-787-2261
and let her know whether you’d like your reading in person or by phone and what's the
best days and times for you.

Readings in Person or by Phone.
Mrs. Lynn is waiting to hear from you. Call or Write Now!

A Psychic Reading by Mrs. Lynn

Get ex back with soulmate uniting. More than a Love Spell.
Psychic in Chicago
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200 W. Ohio st. - 1st Fl. - Chicago, IL. 60610 - Same Location since 1994

Hours are:
Readings in Person, Monday-Saturday 12PM to 7PM
Readings by Phone, Monday-Saturday 9AM to 10PM
Sundays and Extended Hours are Available upon Request.

Chicago Psychic Reader - Mrs. Lynn

Mrs. Lynn is a Natural Psychic and Energy Worker. With her psychic gift, she has been helping people from around the world for more than 30 years. She has given psychic readings at her current location in Chicago since 1994. Mrs. Lynn gives readings in person and over the phone.