Evil Eye Cleansing

How to cleanse negative energy (Evil Eye) from your home or business If you feel that someone has wished you ill and something negative is lingering in your home or business, this can help to set you and your environment free from negative energy. This remedy is not for clearing […]

8 Signs Your House is Haunted

I’ve been a psychic reader and spiritual intercessor for more than 30 years. I know you’ve already heard that a haunting can manifest in “door slamming” and “strange sounds” etc.  However, there are other “Lesser” symptoms that can go unidentified. A haunting, even by a spirit that intends no harm, […]

Soulmate Syndrome

  The fear of losing your “soulmate” can cause you to endure needless pain and suffering to pursue or stay with someone that’s all wrong for you. Meanwhile, happiness could be waiting around the proverbial corner.   In my 25 years as a psychic advisor and relationship consultant, I’ve witnessed […]