Evil Eye Cleansing

How to cleanse negative energy (Evil Eye) from your home or business

If you feel that someone has wished you ill and something negative is lingering in your home or business, this can help to set you and your environment free from negative energy. This remedy is not for clearing away a ghost, or demonic spirit.

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Ever had someone visit, and suddenly life goes upside-down? If so, then you have experienced the effects of projected negative energy also known as The Evil Eye.This type of energy is rooted in some ones envy of you / your home / business / your relationship or even your children – anything that you have and that the perpetrator wishes they could have.

This sort of evil spellcasting is a curse usually given when the recipient is unaware. What is so dangerous about this type of spell is that even the caster can be unaware of what they’ve done.

No incantation is needed nor procedure performed to create this harmful energy spell, just an envy so deep and dark that it takes root into the life of the recipient. As it grows, it manifests illness, injury, loss, and misery for the person or family under attack.

The Greeks call it Matiasma, Spanish say mal de ojo, and in Italy, it’s called malocchio. The world over recognizes the destructive force of the evil eye, and you don’t have to believe in it for it to have a negative and lasting effect on you and whatever / whoever, you care about.

So if you sense something is amiss use this simple but effective method for clearing your home or business of any unwanted energy.

First an important note – You Must be the Owner or current occupant of the space you are cleansing. If not, you can contaminate your own home or work with the energy you are trying to cleanse away.

The items listed below must be new and used only for this purpose.

Shopping list:

One mop bucket any color will work well, except black. I’ve discovered that white or red work exceptionally well.
One Large sponge (artificial is fine) any color except black.
Cool tap water (Must be from tap, creek, pump, etc.) Water sitting in a jug is dead and void of life force energy. Water from the kitchen sink works fine.
Kosher salt from the grocery store works well. I’ve also used regular table salt and found it effective. Sea salt and salt from the Dead Sea are also very good choices.
Wash the new bucket with mild detergent and rinse well. Fill half way with warm water. As it fills, add a half-cup of the salt to the water. Place sponge into water.

I am Christian so at this point I read Psalms: 23, directly from the bible, over the water. If you are of a different faith, pray over the water according to your beliefs.

Remove the sponge from the water and ring it over the bucket then dunk it back into the bucket and repeat the process twice more.

As you do this, say, “I command whatever is not from God, to flee this place this instant and to cause no harm in the going and to not return. You can repeat this as often as you deem necessary during any phase of the cleansing.

(Make sure to ring the sponge well, remember the salt can stain wood so be careful around hardwood floors and furniture.)

To Cleanse

With the damp sponge, wipe your kitchen counters.
Again, (3 Times) Dip and ring the sponge Then Run the damp sponge on all the doorknobs in the house inside and out that even means closet and bathroom doors.

(3 Times) Dip and ring the sponge. Then run along any painted or plastic windowsills. For wooden windowsills simply, wipe the wall beneath the windowsill.

(3 Times) Dip and ring the sponge. Now (If you can) wipe the rails or frame of your bed.


Ounce you have finished, Give thanks for the deliverance of your home and family. You can dispose of the water one of two ways

Pour onto front/back – stairs, landing, or sidewalk, and sweep off with a broom. (This is the preferred method but doesn’t work well for apartments (see no.2)
Pour water into toilet and flush
With either method, tell the energy to go and not return,

All Done!

Throw away the sponge. You can keep your bucket and salt for future cleansings but they are for no other use.

B.T.W. If you think you know whom the energy came from, don’t return to sender. Remember you get what you give. Let God take care of it.

I hope this is useful for you. If you have any questions or comment about this method or if you tried it, I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

Best wishes

Happy Cleansing

Mrs. Lynn is a 3rd generation psychic reader and spiritual intercessor. If want to schedule a psychic reading or spiritual home cleansing you can contact her at 312-787-2261 or email 2askmrslynn@gmail.com

Article Name
How to cleanse negative energy (Evil Eye) from your home or business
if you feel that someone has wished you ill (Evil Eye) and something negative is lingering in your home or business, use this simple but effective method for cleansing your home or business from negative energy.

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