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If your Life has become a series of disappointments and setbacks – You may be suffering from the effects of Negative Energy. Have you sought help from doctors / therapist / spiritualist, only to be disappointed? This destructive force can go undetected for years. It can slowly undermine your life, creating unnecessary misery for you / loved-ones

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You are constantly subject to energies, both positive and negative energy. Normally, your own life force repels the negative energy. You might have a bad day, even a bad week, but it soon passes and life quickly goes back to normal.

However, there are situations that can leave you susceptible to Negative Energy. It is then that Life becomes difficult and draining. Suddenly you’re living a life of “Murphy’s Law” (What can go wrong, will go wrong). This is when you’d be wise to consider the benefits of Energy Clearing.

The Effects of Negative Energy

  • Is your love life stuck in a cycle of letdowns?
  • Are you having repeated career problems?
  • Have treatments for anger or depression failed you?
  • Do you feel inexplicably anxious, moody, or irritable?

How does negative energy affect you?


This force can affect you on any or all levels of your existence, such as…

  • Health problems that can’t be diagnosed.
  • Doctors may be clueless when trying to identify the source of unusual pains in the back, arms, stomach, even chest pains. You might be told, “It’s just stress”. You could even hear that the pain or illness is psychosomatic. Medication may even help you a while only for the illness to resurface.
  • Disappointment in Love

A String of Failed Relationships

It can wreak havoc on your love life by creating misunderstandings, miscommunications, mixed signals, and confusion. You may notice your relationship falling apart to spite your best efforts. Rage jealousies, insecurities, sexual dissatisfaction, a feeling of being alone even when you’re together; are often signs that it has infiltrated your relationship.

You may find it impossible to keep a relationship. Sure, you can have the opportunity to meet people, they may even be interested in you, but as soon as you start having feelings for them, the relationship falls apart.

It can cause all the wrong ones to come into your life so that you are so busy with the hurt, confusion, and disappointment – that you have nothing left to give, even if the “right one” did manage to come your way.

Career and Money Pitfalls

Finances are another bastion for it, creating lost opportunities in career or business. You might bring in the money but it disappears; swallowed up by unexpected circumstances and expenses before you can do anything with it.

Guises of Negative Energy.

It can manifest as, paranormal activity in your home or work; or as a deep and unrelenting depression that you can’t seem to shake. Some people may even be able to see it, often reporting a flash of light or small shadow racing across the room. At first, they may think it’s a mouse or even their small pet, but when they get up to check there’s nothing there. Others report a sense of “being watched”, but when they turn to see who it is, there’s no one there. However, some people seem to see no manifestation other than a life riddled with difficulty and disappointment.

What is energy clearing?

Most people who seek clearing only do so after they have exhausted every other possibility. Western society has taught us that we need only look for answers in the realm of the natural. It is usually after doctors, therapist, medication etc. has failed that people begin to consider the possibility that something spiritual may be the culprit. Unfortunately, the longer it is allowed to go unchecked, the greater damage it inflicts. It can be cleared away, but unfortunately, not all losses can be recovered. It is best to address the need for spiritual cleansing as soon as you realize that your problems may be rooted in negative energy.

What can you do?

1.Try to identify when you first noticed the problems you’re experiencing. This can help you identify the source.

2.Don’t talk about it unless necessary. There’s no sense in confessing how rotten your luck is, or how good things never happen to you. The more you talk about it, the more powerful it will become.

3.Be wise with Social media. It can be a powerful conveyer of this destructive force. Be selective about who you allow to Follow / Friend.

4.Try to clear yourself of anger, fear, or despair. Disruptive emotions can make the negativity stronger.

5.If you feel the negativity is coming from an acquaintance, try to avoid sharing information about your life with that person.

6.If you feel the energy is getting destructive or too difficult to manage, seek professional help.

Signs of Negative Energy
  • Look for patterns (cycles), repeated disappointments in love / career / health / money.
  • Health problems: Are the doctors confused. Do you have a Pain or illness that can’t be diagnosed
  • Overwhelming long-term depression or mood swings that medication, therapy, or time can’t alleviate.
  • Prolonged difficulty sleeping
  • Experiencing paranormal activity
  • Frequent misfortunes

It can come from many different sources so the symptoms can vary. The most common telltale signs to look for are patterns of adversity – broken relationships, always being passed over at work, reoccurring illness, etc. If you can identify with two or more of the signs listed above, you may be suffering needlessly.

Mrs. Lynn is a Natural Energy Worker and Spiritual Intercessor with more than 30 years of experience with Negative Energy Clearing. She looks forward to helping you reclaim your life of Peace, Love, Success, and Happiness. Request your free Energy Assessment Today!


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