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Psychic Readings rates

Psychic Readings average from 20 Minutes up to 1 Hour, depending on what’s going on in your life. All Psychic Readings are a Flat Rate, so there is no extra fee if psychic readings should run overtime – The Fee is $80.00

Special Offer. You can combine your Psychic Reading with a Tarot Card Reading  Get both Readings Combined for only $130.00 total, (a savings of $30).


Soulmate Reading rates

The “Soulmate Reading” combines the Psychic Reading, Astrology, and Tarot Card Reading. to tell you how to find your soulmate or what’s going on in a current relationship. This reading averages from 20 minutes to and hour, depending on your circumstances.  The soulmate reading is priced at a Flat Rate, so there is no extra charge if your reading runs overtime – The fee is $180.


Tarot Card Reading rates

Tarot Card Readings can average from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on what’s going on in your life. The Tarot Card Reading is a flat rate, so even if you’re reading runs overtime, there is no additional cost. Fee is $80.00.

Special Offer
If you’d like to learn about mindsets or spiritual factors affecting your life, such as Spirits, Karmic Energies, or Life Lessons, you may want to combine your Tarot Card Reading with a Psychic Reading. The Combination Reading is $130.00 Total. (a savings of $30)


 Combo Reading rates

The Psychic and Tarot Card Reading Combo can be done in Person or over the Phone. The psychic tarot card readings can take from 20 minutes to an hour. Fee is $130 – flat rate, so there is no additional fee even if the reading should go over an hour.


 Negative Energy Clearing rates

What is the fee? The fee for Negative Energy Clearing differs on your situation. Negative Energy Clearing is tailored to your specific needs. That’s what makes Negative Energy Clearing so effective and permanent. For More Info about Negative Energy Clearing Call or Write Mrs. Lynn Today Phone  312-787-2261 or Email 2askmrslynn@gmail.com


Get Your Ex Back rates

The fee to get your ex back with Soulmate Uniting depends on the details of your case.  Soulmate Uniting is customized to each relationship’s Unique Needs and Obstacles – This is what makes it so effective. For More Info on getting your ex back with Soulmate Uniting, Call or Write Mrs. Lynn Today Phone  312-787-2261 or Email 2askmrslynn@gmail.com



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