Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius the Water Bearer
January 20 – February


About Aquarius compatibility.


Things, you should know about the Water Bearer. Typically, good-humored, affable and jovial, Aquarius knows exactly what to say and do to create a desired effect upon somebody. They are thought-provoking communicators, because of their interest in education, and innovations, as well as the latest advances in science, invention, and current events. They often find it easier to learn from hearing others speak than through formal study.


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Aquarius has an unusual and broad-minded appreciation of life. There’re interested in things that are extremely old, or the extremely new. Therefore, they possess the capability to merge art and science into profound notions. They can develop new uses for objects, abandoned years ago.

They pursue the companionship of others because they find the exchange of ideas fascinating. Although Aquarians have fixed opinions on what they do and don’t like, they’ll often take the opposing side of an argument, just for the sake of analysis. Occasionally, this can put the spotlight on their worst quality; being confrontational. If this is overdone, they may be rejected. Then Aquarius can get edgy and proclaim such wild notions that they are a target for ridicule.

When their mood is good, they’re reasons and objectives are noble and beneficial to all. They are swept-up in a feeling of humanitarianism that gives them the compulsion to solve the world’s problems – all of them. They are deeply concerned with religion and politics because Aquarius connects them with the wellbeing of society.

However, frequently their fervor is consumed in thinking about the solutions to the problems of humanity instead really fixing something. If they are to accomplish anything worth wild, Aquarius needs to learn that wisdom is most useful when ideas are, put to action. The most compatible signs with Aquarius are Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius.


Worst trait = Confrontational
Best trait = Enthusiasm
Number = 9 Color = Sky blue
Letter = Th Tone of Sound = high G
Herbs = myrrh, spikenard.
Planet = Uranus and Saturn Mystic Gemstone = blue sapphire

Did you know that after thousands of years in the age of Pisces, we have recently entered “The Age of Aquarius”  ( That’s right, it’s not just a song). Back on December 21, 2012, the Mayan Calendar ended and we shifted into the new age. This new Era seems to be off to a rockin start. I can’t wait to see what the next 2 thousand years have in store. We sure could use some of that “Peace will Guide our planet”.