Libra the Scales


 September 23 – October 22
Are you compatible with Libra? 

Libra seeks companionship in all they do. They are well mannered and compassionate and deeply long to be understood. Because they’re the most social of the zodiac, they have a strong desire to make friends. Relationships are key to their happiness; because of this, they should not live secluded lives.


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Due to Libra’s persistent, social longings and a sensitive nature, they should choose their friends with caution. Their friendships ought to be selected on whether that potential friend lowers or lifts their feelings. Having dignity and elegance, when exhibiting their charming affability, they are a welcomed addition to any group.

Libra may appear to be self-confident at all times. However, due to their struggle with decision-making, they’re not as self-assured as they may seem. This is the foundation for for their worst trait, a love of flattery. Their need for external validation and approval is so strong that it can often lead them into them into traps. They can quickly get their balance back by developing the ability to trust their own reasoning instead of relying on the praise and agreement of others.

Being rather changeable, Libras have a penchant to experiment in a variety of things and thus dilute their powers. As soon as they settle down into one interest another catches their eye, making specialization difficult. They would be wise to narrow their focus and activities. Then, they will be able to concentrate their energies to accomplish wonderful things.

Libra Compatibility

Ah, Libra – This is the sign that reigns over love, and relationships. Tactful and diplomatic, they love to love. Nonetheless, there is more to them than their harmonious exterior. Life must be well balanced and agreeable. They want no part of another’s uncertainty and inconsistencies; they have enough of their own.

Venus, the goddess of love reigns over Libra. As such, they love to feel desirable. They are inclined to be charming flatterers. However, be aware that they want those same gifts in return. They thrive in an environment where they feel beautiful and loved. More than anything, they want to be in a relationship.

This sign’s natural sense of self-perception offers them an extensive view into what you desire and require. They demonstrate love by giving you precisely what you need and want, but you should avoid the urge of accepting this indefinitely.

They can make many types of relationships work. However, they will are most well suited with the signs that inspire them to be who they are instead of always changing into what others approve of. Virgo, Cancer, Pisces, and Taurus are not so self-centered; they will inspire Libra’s personal development. The fire signs, of Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries are also compatible, but beware; if they try to dump most of the relationship work onto Libra, they will get a very disagreeable conclusion. They are most compatible with Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

  • Worst trait = Love of flattery
  • Best trait = Congeniality
  • Element = Air
  • Number = G
  • Color = Light shades of yellow
  • Letter = G
  • Tone of Sound = High E
  • Herbs = White rose, strawberry, violet, watercress, Primrose, balm, pansy, and lemon-thyme.
  • Planet = Venus
  • Mystic Gemstone = quartz, white spar, white marble