Pisces the Fish

February 19 – March 20


Are you compatible with Pisces?
Maybe there really are more fish in the sea.

Pisces can feel crushed by the heaviness of negative thoughts. They can slip into a cycle of self-pity and feel that the all world is out to get them. If they persistently allow these thoughts fester, negative energies can quickly drain them. That is why, they need to be completely fascinated by, and excited about everything they do, especially their work.




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Of the entire zodiac, this sign is the most extreme of temperament. As well as their vulnerability to depression and an inability to roll with the punches, Pisces can just as easily flip to the other side of their emotions. Then they can babble with excitement and radiate enthusiasm.

The fates have generously bestowed upon Pisces many fine inner qualities, high ideas, lofty goals, and idealistic dreams. This sign responds well to tranquility and harmony and flinches at the thought of anything hard-hitting, impersonal, or overly self-serving.

Their tenderness and empathy form their best quality – sympathy. However, they tend to become frustrated when they are in the grips of their worst trait – worry. Being sensitive to conflicts, disputes and difficulties, Pisces tends to amplify the severity of even slight adversity, or envision problems that never happen. They should curb some of that vivid imagination and spend a little extra time in reality.

Instead of wasting energies in worrying about what other people think of them, Pisces is better off using those energies in a creative channel to express their varied talents. To work effectively, they must cultivate the ability to finish everything they start. This sign is most compatible with Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

  • Worst trait = worry
  • Best trait = sympathy
  • Element = Water
  • Number = 12
  • Color = purple
  • Letter = I
  • Tone of Sound = A
  • Herbs = Herbs and mosses, ferns and sea weed
  • Planet = Neptune and Jupiter
  • Mystic Gemstone = Peridot