Aries is good at being in charge. They dislike being limited or controlled. The status quo and conditions seldom affect them.

Being determined and assertive, when stressed, their smoldering temper ignites. They can be passionate about things, and when met with opposition they can be argumentative. If an Aries takes up arms on behalf of a cause, get out of the way. Dissuading them is exhausting. However, at work, their intellect is in full control of their creative energy.

Their love of competition and combat (Think rams butting their heads) brings out their best. They’re always striving for their personal growth. This often thrusts them into projects that are beyond them. Aries needs to limit the number of irons in the fire at one time, so they can focus their objectives.

Aries impulsively runs headfirst (the Ram again) into dispute. However, they are good with people and are smart and spirited, so they can easily talk their way out of a tough spot.

March 21 – April 19

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Aries and love

Whether female or male, Aries has a yearning for good old fashion courting as in a time long gone. Deep within them, you’ll discover the soul of a knight in shining armor. This sign is honorable and real, and can be very possessive if they feel there is a rival.

They can seem detached but that is usually a rouse to protect their much-loved freedom. They are independent but do not enjoy being alone. The signs considered more sensitive, such as Cancer or Pisces, might consider the ram’s straightforwardness and absence of tact challenging and hard to appreciate.

As mentioned earlier, their fiery temper can ignite in a moment but it will blaze and burn out quickly. When the affray is over you’ll find the ram is sincerely shocked to find that there are hurt feelings because of their sudden emotional outburst.

The other fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, are most similar to this sign and tend to appreciate the self-fixed personality of Aries. The air signs, Aquarius and Gemini, can also share that feeling of freedom and can empathize with their Aries lover.

However, people of the Aries sun sign are most enticed by the signs that can bring their soft side forward, such as Taurus and Libra. They are most compatible with Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius, and Gemini.


Worst trait = Bossy

Best trait = Leadership
Element = Fire
Number =
Color = light red

Letter = M
Tone of Sound = high C

Herbs = hemp and garlic

Planet = Mars
Mystic Gemstone = amethyst

This is an Article at Space .com; about Aries representing the ram whose fleece was look for by Jason and the Argonauts.


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